Friday, July 25, 2008

Question about Treats

I was wondering about treating. When we work, I start with Little Man's daily wormer, then move to a 10% feed. I stopped giving him feed a while back, because he was getting tubby. But I measure out less feed than I gave him in the winter, and use that for treating. I figure if he's a little tubby, it will be worth it to reach him.

I try to end one of our sessions each day, usually the evening session, with a special treat. Or if we really make some progress, I will do whatever it is we are working on one more time at the end, trying to make it last longer, and then give him a special treat. I use either a peppermint treat, a bit of bread, or a piece of the oatmeal-raisin-honey treats I just bought.

Is it a good thing to end with a special treat? Or not?

Thanks so much!


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