Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 19

Little Man has the weekend off. I put his wormer and a peppermint treat in the bucket, and he was waiting at the fence, inside his pen. He came up, let me pet him while he ate, and . . . stood and let me pet him and talk to him AFTER he was finished! And . . . he did all this while my husband AND a strange man (the neighbor) were standing right behind me! This was amazing!

The neighbor is going to be animal-sitting for us tonight and in the morning, so we were showing him where everything is. Little Man does not like men, and he doesn't like strangers, so this morning was huge progress!

He did move his head a bit, but he didn't leave, and he always moved his head back so I could pet him some more. He didn't seem to like having the side of his face stroked, so I finally stuck with his forehead and face, and neck. He seemed pretty calm, and I am thrilled that he stood there and let me pet him without clicks and treats!

Blessings on you,

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