Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 34

Today was Little Man's day off, so we just took it easy.

This morning, before church, I called to him out the window. He looked up, and walked to the fence, where he stood looking towards the house. So I grabbed a cookie and went out. I petted him over the fence, and gave him cookie bites. Then I patted his neck and went in.

This afternoon, around 2:00 or so, I went out with his wormer. I called him, and he walked up to meet me. He followed me in the pen, and I petted him for a little bit. Then I put the wormer in the bucket and went in, because the mosquitoes were biting me.

This evening, around 7:00 or so, I went out with a big shredded wheat biscuit and the soft brush. He was way out in the back, but he came up when I called him. I petted and stroked him, and brushed him. He let me brush his neck and shoulders, and even from his withers about six inches or so down his back, as well as down his side. He did back up and move around a little, and about halfway through he decided he didn't want me to brush his right side right then, but he didn't run off or show signs of kicking. He did move away once, a couple of yards, but I just stood and talked to him until he came back up to me. I stopped brushing every once in a while to give him a bite of shredded wheat. I rubbed his face and rubbed his ears. I tore open the paper wrapper so he could get all the wheat leavings. Then I petted him a little more.

My husband came out, and when I went in the gate Little Man followed me. He sniffed my husband's hand, and tossed his head a bit. Then he let my husband reach out and rub his forehead several times! When my husband left I petted Little Man a bit more, then told him good night. He dropped his head and grazed by the fence for a while.

I am so thankful that we are friends again!

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